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Strat Neck Plate Dimensions


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Hey all!

I've got a new project in the works, but I can't get started on it until I get some dimensions. Unfortunately, my only Strat neck plate is in Texas and won't be back for a couple of weeks, so I'm here to ask for a hand...

Can some one post the exact dimesions (millimeters or inches) of a regular Strat neck plate?

The measurements I need are:

- Length

- Width

- Thickness

- Hole spacing (edge-to-center)

- Hole diameter

If anyone can score me those, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks everyone!

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Sorry, I can't find my metric rule, but here's the measurements off my MIM Strat:

L- 2.5 in.

W- 2 in.

T- 3/32 in.

HS- 1-3/8 in. vertical or 1-7/8 in. horizontal (edge of hole to center of next hole) 1-1/2 in. vertical or 2 in. horizontal (center to center)

HD- 5/16 in. (not accounting for countersink, actual inside diameter is probably less)

Amazingly, the measurements were spot on for the English system. Hope this helps.

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The plate on my 88 Am. Std. strat is same length and width but 1/8" thick. Hole spacing (center to center) is 1.5" across and 2" length. All mounting holes (1/4" dia.) are 1/4" from hole center to edges of plate. Microtilt hole (3/16" dia.) is on centerline 1/4" from hole center to bottom edge of plate.

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Just wanted to point out that thickness is up to you. The American Strat plate is probably as thin as you wan to go. conversely, on my Callaham supplied plate, I suspect it is between 3/8 and 1/4. I'll measure tonight when I get home.

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