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Reverse Phase On A Pbass?


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tomorrow this kid is bringing me his pbass to fix up for him. i think its a squire but i know its a cheapy. has anyone tried reverse phasing one of the coils or know that it does/doesnt work? he wants me to do some "crazy" stuff to it but thats all that i can think of... ive never messed with a pbass before either

also, can someone give me a link to instructions to turn a 2 wire humbucker (split-coil pbass PUP in this case) into a 4 wire?


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Since each coil on a Pbass senses two completely different strings, reversing the phase on one coil won't do anything but eliminate the humbucking, making it noisier - I suppose you could run the coils in parallel, but you'd lose a lot of volume. About the craziest thing you could do with a stock Precision is actually learn how to play it really well. :D

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You want crazy? Go and buy a bunch of Danelectro mini stomp effects, and install them in the guitar. Besides that, there's not much you can do to a single 2-wire pickup.

But hey, when he gets his Squier back, it'll scream with Super Mega Crunch, Auto Wah, and 7-band EQ all at the same time!

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