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Getting Ready To Finish The Neck (in Satin)

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The only reason you will sand between coats is to remove imperfections so that your finish will look smooth as glass, so if you have runs or drips or any other problem yes you need to sand between the coats, just make sure that your last coat is smooth and nice! any rubbing and it will create a shinny spot, ... even playing with your hand will make the back shinny eventualy!

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So, a satin finish gets no buffing or other such final "treatment" ?

Just spray the last coat and hope a speck of dust doesn't land on it?

That sounds almost as intimidating as buffing. B)

( I am still getting the hang of spray finishing here  :D )

Ya thats the exact way you do it with gloss. If you screw up (dust, run, etc etc) than you sand. If it's not perfectly flat you sand. Only with gloss you buff the final coat to gloss (you could buff satin and it will NOT turn glossy but it will turn a LITTLE bit more glossy and your hands will do it eventually so I just leave it) Dont get me wrong. You can not just buy a can of gloss and not buff it to make it satin. You gotta buy the satin stuff. It has a chemical in it to make it satin.

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