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Lipstick Pickup For Bass?


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I got it in my head to start planning a bass too, since my old Univox Hi-Flyer is awfully tired...

I have a spare lipstick pickup here, think that would look cool --I'm wondering if I can use it for a bass guitar? Are there specific lipsticks for basses, or can I go with what I have (Kent Armstrong overlong style)


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I always thought the Danelectro lipsticks made an excellent neck pickup for basses, as long as there was at least 3/16" of extra width on each side of the strings. There is no way I would want it as the ONLY pickup on a bass but it has a nice jangle/twang that you won't find in much else. BTW (see, I learned) if anyone HAS a Longhorn, that is going to be one of my next look-to-buys.

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