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Where Can I Find A "spokeshave"


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ebay would probably be your best bet but you might try one of your area's farm and ranch supply places.

you can also google spokeshave and find several mail order firms that have them. as far as different types, i'm afraid that i don't know.

good luck with your search.

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I got my spoke shave from house of tools, they're not that rare of tools you can find them alot of places. mine is flat bottom which is the most common. there's also convex in one or two planes and concave bottom ones.

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For a really good one look at Lie Nielson's web site. Phenominal hand tools made the way tools used to be made.

If you're shaping necks get a curved sole shaver. The size and config is a personal choice.

Look at the old Stanley's for sale on eBay. I have some of those and some modern Kunz's (German made) in the drawer next to the LN's and use what feels best for each job.

A lot of it is the skilll of the sharpener ane the cabinertmaker. They are pretty basic tools.

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