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I agree.

I get most of my stuff from either Mojo Tone or Vibroworld.

Just got an order from Mojo about a week ago, and have already covered my 1-15" cab in Purple Elephant tolex, and have an order coming in from Vibroworld in a few (hopefully short) days, so I can cover some mo' amps!

There ARE other places around also.

I get weird tolex from e-Bay too, that's where I got my Orange Creme Ostrich tolex a few weeks ago, from e-Bay.

Find the water-based contact cement too, W.O.C.C., it's the ONLY kind of cement to use, totally pro stuff, but you better know what you're doing, because if you screw up, you'll NEVER get it back off it's such a great product!

Use a J-Roller too, go find one at Home Depot in the wallpaper section.

It will have a hard black rubber roller on it about 6-8" wide.

Find one that's about 1 foot long or so.

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