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Books For Making Guitars

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More and more I'm drawn to working on my guitars and doing modifications etc, and working with wood... (Im only 16) and I would really love to build my own guitar from scratch, not including the neck, I think that will be too complicated for me right now... But I was wondering what are some good books out there that are simple enough for me? My dads been working with wood for over 30 years, so im not completely helpless, and he has a shop about 5000 square feet filled with tools (and my pool table :D ) so I have the tools... but what books would you recommend for a beginner?

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I think whats his names book..... ermmmmmmm... i fogort the name of it .. hold on...


is a really excellent reference on how to approach guitar making. I know I know its for classical and acoustic guitars. But It explains alot how to use tools what tools to use and what for. How to best preserve the woods. I mean cutting a guitar shape out of a slab of wood is pretty easy this book goes into the details of finishing a guitar. Inlay, binding, purfling etc how to sand plane use a spokeshave etc etc the ideals are essentially the same are they not?


No worries man-Its definately required reading. I got mine back in 1995, and I almost have the whole thing memorised! Its a great reference to have- well worth the money.

Cheers man,


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