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Crazy Idea


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I have a crazy unrealistic and some say supid idea to rewire my strat. I'm replacing the two tone knobs with volume knobs giving each pickup a volume knob, I'm putting in a seymour duncan Jb in the bridge, im putting in three tone knobs where the five way selector is and im putting in four switches, one four way selector to use on the humbucker two on and off switches for the middle and bridge and a kill switch that would override the other three. This would give me complete control over the tone of my guitar.

also im putting on a locking bridge and tuning tabs and way in the back of my head i was considering replacing my maple and rosewood neck with a straight maple.


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How many hands do you have? B) Seriously, other than one extra volume pot and 2 extra tone pots to keep track of, what does this scheme get you that a 5-way with a push-pull "neck add" switch and a push-pull coil splitter doesn't have, and how are you going to cover all that extra distance when switching in the middle of a solo? By all means, try it if you'd like, but do us a favor and document how often you actually use each position in your playing - I'm betting that after the novelty wears off you'll settle on 4 or 5 "pet" sounds, and the rest of the options will only be toggled up when you're trying to impress somebody with your switching system. :D

Well, at least you'll get to hear what every possible combination sounds like, so you'll know how to wire the 5-way in your next one! :D

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