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Failures happen


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I recently tried to introduce photo-luminescent pigment (glow powder) into an oil based flourescent paint to give it a special effect of glowing and changing colors.

I used Ready Set Glow pigments for the job and I'll have to say while they do a fantastic job with the Red the other colors failed for me in two different area's.

The first was quantity vs charge, I had to add far more (then recomended) in order to get the original paint to have the quality desired for the glow effect. The second area was after the mix of course the original paint became to thick to work with so my quest for a color changing guitar paint job continue's........ :D

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Dunno if this is any help, but a couple of my Raver/Industrial buds used some of the paint from these two sources to "decorate" their warehouse space without the landlord knowing. They both also make "invisible" UV paint.

Risk Reactor

Shannon Luminous Materials

They used spray lacquer if I'm not mistaken, and had good results - doesn't show with the lights on.

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Thanks lovekraft, I've played with those in the past.

The difference between those and the paint formula that I'm working on now is when you hit the guitar with a UV or Sunlight it will not only change color but it remains that way and a brilliant finish for up to 12 hour's instead of turn on and turn off like that particular paint works.

This way the change is completely visable and the guitar actually looks different by just walking outside, it won't change back to it's original color when you walk back in for several hours. Same results using a black light but after it has been exposed it also glows (lumines) on it's own without further exposure needed.

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