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Tube Amp Question


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Okay, I have a question:

Do tube amps that are really low wattage really need alot of volts to operate? I mean could I do something with say a 12ax7 style tube or two at 12 volt? I want to try something small at first so I dont go at the big bomb directly and get electrocuted making the wrong move.

get a 12v tube as tey are designed to work at that voltage. 12v won't do much of nothing on a 12ax7

search this site for 12v tube amp schematic


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I just have to throw this in. In 1962, I HAD to have something to make noise with and it had to be portable. My brother and I took the radio out of a '47 Buick and screwed around until we fould a place where we could hook the cord from my microphoned banjo (I know, shame,shame) to it and run a hifi (remember hifi?) speaker from it for a college party. 6-volt battery lasted all night, the next night and still started the car. Sounded like.......well, an electric banjo, need I say more?, but it was stupidly awesome! I really don't know what voltages were involved but I sure wish I still had it to find out how "close to greatness" we might have been!

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