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He's right, there's no such thing as 'cheap' inlay material. What are you after, i may have some offcuts that could be used for cutting practice but if it's big enough to be usefull then sorry but it's big enough not to give away. Depending on your location you can try David Dykes (Luthier Supplies) or Mike at Small Wonder Music (both Kent / Sussex border) but whichever way for plain MOP your looking 70p a gram which doesn't sound a lot but belive me it can add up very rapidly.


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Hi guys.

There are some "cheap" inlay materials- plastics, etc.. but you'll still be paying at least $10.00 for a small sheet, maybe 6x6.

Some woods are also less expensive, but of course using solely cheap materials will give cheap looking results. Pearl is going to cost you at least $20.00 or so an ounce anywhere in the world (at .05", maybe 5-6 pieces in an ounce) Thinner pearl blanks cost more than thicker ones, there is more in an ounce.

Craig L

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