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How Is A Rickenbacker 325 Wired?


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I am the owner of the upcoming website www.guitarbasement.co.uk and would like some advice on how a 3 pickup Rickenbacker 325 is wired?

I have a photo which shows 5 knobs and a selector switch controlling 3 pickups. Can someone put my tiny mind at ease. I know this is probably a very easy question.

Any advice I get WILL be used in the creation of a Korean made sample guitar and maybe brought into production if it pasts the test.

I would appreciate any information.

Thanks in advance,


PS. My thanks to lovekraft and donbenji for thier advice on my last idea. But I don't think a blowswitch filter would be financially feasable on a production guitar.

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you might want to look for a some rickenbacker boards for some advice.  because unless someone here has that bass i doubt anyone will be able to come up with a scheme for you---theres a lot of possibilities with that configuaration


Good advice but I'm afraid I don't know any guitar based chatboards (only this one) and can't find any links on Rickenbacker.com?

Anyway, I'm talking about a John Lennon style black and white 325 3/4 scale 6 string electric guitar, not the bass version (I didn't even know a bass version existed).



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:D Oddly enough, it was right thereon Rickenbacker's site, under Service -hoodathunkit?  :D


Thanks Lovekraft,

Well, I did say I had a tiny mind!

I've now sent this pdf file to the Korean makers and should get a sample guitar in about 3 months time.

Lets hope I don't get sued when/if it comes into production. And if it dosn't I'll always have a very nice one off guitar!

I've also got a tasty hollow steel telecaster coming into production soon (Think Korean brushed steel Trussart).

Thanks again,


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