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Fender Big Apple Strat

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For what you say it is, I'd pass. Not that it is a bad axe or anything that just isn't any bargain. But if you are doing a friend a favor, whatever. Just remember: No good deed goes unpunished.

Yeah I think that after some research the guitar is not a prime specimen.. (it's natural but has an "orance hue to it)..

not my thing...:D

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if i remember correctly, fender didn't ditch the swimming pool route till the 2000 models.. They felt much more solid under that.. but pre 2000, you have a giant plastic covered "tone chamber" :D some like that sound but I don't.

A good test is to hit ebay and do a search for completed listings on the Big Apple strat.. you'll get a good indication of the low end of it's market value.

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