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What Paint to use?

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Hey guys!

I'm debating about doing a swirl finish on one of my projects. I looked at the swirl tutorial, and all that it said i needed were 'oil paints'. What does it mean? Is it like the oil paints that i use on canvas when i paint, or like model car paint? Where can i get it, and how much will it cost me? Oh, and how much will i need of each colour?

Thanks :D !


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The reason it say's oil paints is because they float on top, you can find oil based paints at just about any paint shop, no these are not the thick artist oil's used for portraits and you really do not need a whole lot to do the job.

But you will use up a lot of them trying to get the pattern to your liking.

Use news paper to wipe off any excess across the top of the water if what you put in doesn't come out the way you like it before placing your guitar body down on it.

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