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Planning to order Carvin 747


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What do you think about this combination:

DC747 with Floyd Rose tremolo

gold hardware

maple neck and walnut body

5 piece neck with two walnut stripes

walnut headstock overlay

Birdseye maple fingerboard / no inlays

low wide frets

Pickups phase switch

Dunlop Straploks

Engraved TrussRod Cover

any suggestion, opinion? For my opinion it will be killer lookin' guitar. I just dont know if guitar will have too bright sound because of the wood combination. What about mahagony instead of walnut. What about floyd roses on these guitars? Anybody knows them? Couple of people told me that they're very good.....any suggestion?

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Sounds killer B) One question though about the walnut body and this is purely for looks. Are you looking at the plain walnut or the figured walnut for the body?

With so many options it's almost to hard to choose these days :D

While I have heard nothing but good things about Carvin the only negatives I have heard are in the resale value. Of course this mainly pertains to the United States and may not apply where your located.

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Probably will be plain walnut... it looks sexy B) i havent decided yet about woods anyway. Maybe it will be mahagony or koa. Other specifications will stay the same. Resale value is not important to me, because i'm buyin' it to stay in my collection instead of PRS :ph34r: . PRS is very good (and too expensive) guitar but its so specific for me. :D



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Ok .....i ordered this configuration (different wood):

DC747 7 string with Floyd Rose Tremolo (no locking nut but locking tuners)

Gold plated hardware

Dunlop Strap Locks

phase switch for humbucker

Dunlop Low-Wide frets installed

Birdseye maple fingerboard/ without inlays

5 piece maple neck with two koa stripes

Tung Oil finish back of neck

Koa headstock overlay

Engraved Truss Rod Cover

Maple neck and Mahogany body with Tung Oil finish

Vintage Tweed premium plywood hardshell guitar case.


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First choice was walnut. Probably the first combination would make guitar too bright sounding. Then i looked again on list of avaiable options. Koa would be probably good too, but mahagony costs a lot less and it is even more dark sounding. Lots of people said to me also that on guitar with neck through body is the most important wood of neck. I didnt want to walnut help gutar to be more bright :D ....So i think that my final combination will be well balanced 7string guitarjump3.gif

P.S. Patrick cool Smiliesbeer.gif

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