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building gibson style guitars

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i want to build a gibson style guitar (SG or Firebird). the joining of the neck and the body really concerns me b/c i know from my brother's SG that the neck is angled. how determine and set the angle of the neck when joining it to the body?

also, how are the neck and body joined exactly? i know that it is not bolt-on but i'm having trouble understanding the difference between neck-thru and "set." is "set" just bolt on style with glue instead of bolts?

any help would be appreciated. :D


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Ali, I think if you are serious about building a guitar you should really get your hands on a copy of Melvyn Hiscock's 'Build your own Electric Guitar'. If money is tight, you can probably order a copy form your local library.

Whilst the people on this forum are a great resource, and always happy to help, the majority of your question are addressed in clear concise detail in the book, and you wouldn't have to wait for a reply every time a question comes up.

Brian, is it OK to post a link to Amazon here? Don't want to tread on any toes...

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