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Paint Job

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anybody knows of someone who can do a guitar paint job? I'll be moving to the UK on wednesday, probably, i won't have my guitars finished :D I have a warlock and a flying V, both built by myself, and both guitars have the basecoat colors, which is ; gray on the warlock for an urban camo paint job, and black on the Flying V, for a green hot rod flames graphic, I'll be living in the London area, but if you know of someone reliable and with good prices let me know. color coats aon both guitars are automotive polyurethane, on the Warlock is PPG and on the Flying V is Du Pont Chroma Base, thanks in advance :D

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I know some people up here in the Midlands that normally do bike tanks, but I'll see if they have recommendations for someone in the big smoke.

You could pray Setch sees this, he's down there but I think I've only seen dyes from that camp.

Good luck dude and if you're ever in a Leicester/Birmingham direction come round for a pint :D


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i'll be in Osterley, near London :D and i have to go to Birmingham!! Black Sabbath's from there! :D right now i think i can give the camo warlock the camo pattern and maybe one clear coat, perhaps at a bike shop they could shoot the rest of the coats, more or less what's the stimate for this kind of job?

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