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How to paint CAMUFAGE Nº1 in the body of the

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Hello Dear Friends! :D

I have one terrible doubts B) ! Ji Ji, did not know how to paint my guitar. I see this page:

http://www.nymphusa.com/kisekae/jem631/base.asp :D

My first idea was to make my guitar (Type Ibanez Jem) like the Jem 7 BSB, but it wanted something of originality.

And when seeing in the page of "Kisekae" using:

- Body and Head Stock: CAMOUFLAGE 1º :D

- Pickguard: Dark Aluminum

- Freetboard: Ebony with pearl dots... Simply I enchant '!!!!!

... and playing I enchant the Body and the Head Stock of Camouflage color 1º. Perhaps it thought that with groups. However he will be good for using normal paintings of Spray or better with pistol.

The problem is that I do not imagine how to do it.

Somebody knows as it could :D ? From already I wait for its opinions for this, I will thank very much! B)

Good bye to all!!!

Good Bye from this Far Lands!!! B)

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