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  1. Bluespresence... The peace be with you in the heaven... My condolences and forces to his family...
  2. Hi to all Long ago that did not write a post, but one goes here. I do not know if it is the correct place. I present my new Web about luthería and guitars called "Guitarras y Luthería", of Chile and Southamerica. This site contain a lot of pictures from luthery fan, and Chilean luthiers, with samples of the work that becomes in these places; also links to the pages with greater information has several, of course Project Guitar . I hope that it pleases to them and they enjoy it. Now is in spanish language, but soon it will be in english also. The link is: http://humberto760.tripod.com
  3. Hi to all : Here is 22:23pm... i´m cooking now. Well, the best wishes in this Christmas, and have a very good night, best regards from Chile to all...
  4. Hi Bros. The links don´t work for me. How can see? Sorry my english. See you.
  5. Hi to all Merry Xmas to all, and good night with your family and friends... Remember the Jesus birthday. Here in Chile, is a good day, the sun shines very hard and very heat (29ºC)... All in opposition to the snow that it has in the North hemisphere. It´s 15:25 Pm... I will celebrate in the night with my father a lunch with turkey and other good things. Best regards to all... Peace. Bye Bye
  6. Hi Eddie Congratulations by the Wedding... The best wishes to both for all life... I think that is an important fact in the all people´s life. I´m dream with the future wedding with my girl friend... Congratulations again, from me and my girlfriend, and have a good married for ever... See you Bro...
  7. Hi Fluke : Like you see, i´m not live in Usa then i live in Southamerica. Well here no have nothing of Maple ni other exotic woods from the World, just Brazilian, Peruvian and Bolivian Wood (Very Beautiful like Jatoba, Ipe, Mahogany). Searching for Maple, i found a place where buy body blanks and neck blanks from Internet. Is "Exotic Woods" They have 2 pieces blanks and half blanks. The half cost 29.68 (Eastern Flame Maple 2A). Just bought 2 by 59.36... Is the less expensive that i found. Luck in the search.. Regards Bye Bye
  8. Hi Eric Bojerik I have 2 V String Bass blueprints, if you want to your project Here are the drawings... See you, regards
  9. Hi RGGR I have the same idea, who knows, maybe in the future... This is my idea...
  10. Hi to all So many words that to say. Here some words from the net: 1º ED ROMAN GUITARS: "BUILDING A BETTER STRATOCASTER BY ED ROMAN. 3. TONALLY: BY TOTAL ELIMINATION OF GLUES AND FILLER" Link: http://www.edromanguitars.com/archive/betterstrat.htm 2º ED ROMAN GUITARS: "As of this writing nothing beats Nitrocellulose for tone but Polyurethane if applied thinly will be the next best thing." Link: http://www.edromanguitars.com/custom/galpaint.htm 3º ALEMBIC Guitars - Orion Model: "We then apply a clear polyurethane finish that resembles very closely an oil finish, only you don
  11. Hi to all Here is a good link about FINISH PRODUCTS: Now i understand the finish ideas. In everything are "ADVANTAGES AND DISVANTAGES", each decision will have to be on the basis of which one wants, protection, sound, looking etc... In this apparently there are no rigid rules. This is the link: http://www.hardwood.org/display_article.asp?ID=370 See you Bros!!! And Sorry my english again
  12. Hi mushy the shroom First, congratulations for you Project , very simple and elegant, i like very much, and is a good inspiration to design and works. The second, i have a doubt about the Maple, is Eastern or Western Maple? And the other doubt is the finish, i see that is Danish oil (i think to neck) and Satin laquer (to body?), is polyurethane or nitro? Thanks Bro. See you
  13. Hi Lex How you think that it would be the behavior of two layers Santin Polyurethane lacquer with out filler in the maple neck?
  14. Hi .. Thanks Dugz and Wes... I think that a good idea to body and neck finish is from Lex Luthier in the "Pictorial of 5-string fretless bass being built., In "real time" too!" Just 2 Laquer coats without filler... with satin feel and wipe it down to keep it clean... Maybe this is the way to my project....
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