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How Do You Create This Finish?


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F bass

This is way cool, and i have always wondered how its done. do you seal the grain and use a certain type of stain? can you do other colours? Thanks :D

I (and others) tend to read through the forums for a while ... to get a sense of what is posted, what has been answered, etc. When it comes time for a question, we read through the recent posts and search the forums for similar postings. Once we form some idea (or simply are more informed) -- we post.

This exact same postingwas put up very recently.

Same pic ... same question ...

It'd be funny or ironic --- if we hadn't just seen 3 postings like this: new people, not researching, just asking. Oh well.

Side note: this finish is similar to the "voodoo" .. You may want to search for 'voodoo' type finishing. Its the same thing (contrasting color pore/grain sealer over a stained wood).

-- joe

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