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Finish Stripped, But The Stain Won't Sand Out

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The project is a VERY nice Lawsuit Les made by Hondo II. Every single piece of hardware is off, I've removed the fretboard, and sanded the finish off to the point where the sanding residue is all wood. The problem is that there is still a lot of stain splotches. This guitar was made considerably thinner than the real deal - a little thicker than a Nighthawk. Is there any sort of bleaching agent I can use to keep from sanding this thing down to the size of a Memphis?

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You have entered the Twighlight Zone. Factory stains penetrate to different depths and are not really consistent. If you are going to reapply stain, now is the time to see if the colors will "play nice together". I do NOT recommend bleaching! It can make a huge, blotchy mess out of everything. Have you ever lusted after a gloss black LP? Now might be the time.

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If what you're looking at is black to gray staining you're probably not going to get it out. They are probably either mineral stains or fungus.

You can try painting just the areas with wood bleach, but I definitely wouldn't bleach the whole thing.

If you just have to have a wood tone stain it increasingly darker until the stains don't bother you anymore. It may wind up pretty dark but it probably got eh finish it did at the factory becoase of those stains.

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