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Turned Wood Knobs


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I've got a guy with a lathe that could make some custom knobs but the only problem is making it so that they stay on the pots.  Can you buy those little set screws like they use on tele barrel and dome knobs? :D

:D Here's how I do it. I drill a 1/4 inch hole straight down into the center of the knob, from the bottom up, then I drill a 5/32 hole in the side of the knob, countersink this hole, and use a 1/2 in. #4 s.s. screw cut off to the length I need. Hope this helps.

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you could also use saddle height screws.. any music store should have some of those. Ones for bass saddles should be about the right size

With a knurled post, all you need is some friction to make it stay on. In the past i've tricked a knob to stay on without a screw using a little snip of flat rubber band.. just slip it in the knob as you put it on the post.. or if it's a split post, put it in the slot and put the knob on with a slight twisting motion.

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I don't see the need for set screws. If the pot posts are the split type simply widen them slightly with a thin screwdriver and press the wooden knob on so the splines on the shaft dig into the wood. I've never had to turn knobs hard enough to the point where they will strip out.

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