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I'm Goin' For It. Oppinions Please!


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I have a guitar (not my main guitar) that is an ugly metallic red. It is a superstrat design and flat front (except armrest). Discussing tuts on Project Guitar with my packrat dad he revealed that he already has:

-sander and palm sander

-two dremels and every attachment known to man including router base

-once used router and many bits

-hundreds of assorted round files, sandpaper, varnish etc.

-4 airbrushes (badgers etc.) and two tank compressors w/ moisturetraps etc.

-spray gun

-spray masks

-high power drills/ hand drills

-jigsaw, gents saw, chainsaw, coping saw, Klingon Reverberating Plasma Saw

-much, MUCH, more all in great condition!


It appears I am set to do just about anything I want on project guitars.


I need this procedure checked for order, smartness, and general errors please:

I want to:


scallop entire fretboard following tut (yes i have practiced on an old neck)

sand strip

apply quilted maple veneer to the top from - http://www.joewoodworker.com/catalog/produ...products_id=898

mask edges for binding effect

apply sanding sealer (what does this do?)

Dye black sand back

Dye blue

spray laquer 3 very thin coats in one day (brand suggestion please)

wetsand with 400 grain

wait four days and repeat

wait four days and repeat thicker coats

wetsand to 1500 grain

polishing compound

and hopefully have a beautiful guitar.

ANY details you could fill in that i have left out would be very helpful.

This is my first finish job. I have finished model cars before but thats way different and I wasn't that good.


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Welcome to the forum Steve-0 :D

Looks like you certainly have been doing your research and your dads collection of tools is definately a bonus!

The sanding sealer helps close the grain for finishing. Some not all of them will take a stain so you might want to consider doing the stain first.

It's also great that you practiced on a spare board for the scalloping....

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hey where did your dad get the klingon reverberationg plasma saw? I've been looking all over for them but can't find them anywhere! :D:D

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