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...i'm new to the electronics experience, and i've been checking out wiring diagrams and i guess most are for guitars, because one of my better basses has 5 pot's: volume, balencer, bass, middle, treble. i can't find any diagrams for something like this. to get this sort of thing on my current project i think i just need to get a 500k pot for volume, and four 250k pots for the other stuff, and four caps for those. is that right? i don't really know crap about these things. i know a 250k pot with a cap effects tone, but i don't know how to specify one as a balencer, one as a bass, one as mid, and one as treble. am i missing something here? any help would be awesome. thanks a lot...

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If you take the back cover off you'll see there is a little circuit board inside.....that is an active pre-amp as cold said. You can buy preamps online and put them in your custom or home-built. Do a Google search for "bass preamp" or "active bass eq" and you should find plenty of sources and drawings.

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