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5-way Rotary Pickup Selector

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You can install them "correctly" without any kind of special switch - they're just 4 conductor humbuckers. If you want the rotary switch and the same choices PRS offers, buy their switch package. You can get the same results from a 5-way Superswitch®, or you can wire them like any normal guitar and use mini-toggles or push-pull pots for coil splits - thee's no compelling reason to use the rotary switch.

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Six-ways are really easy to come by at electronics stores and such, but I'm sure if you search www.mouser.com, you'll find one. They've got it all. Shipping might cost more than the switch (I'm guessing $5-6 USD), if that's the case, I'd buy a couple, not to mention they've got bulk rates! :D

By the way, you don't necessarily need the rotary switch to install them "correctly", it's all a matter of whether you want the added versitility or not. :D

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does any one here use them?

i can think of any advantages asides from them looking like a volume /tone knob

i mean u cant just look at it to see which pup/s ur curently using

u cant just slam it down or up mid song for leads u have to actually grip it and twist it

just my opinion i havnt actually used one so correct me if im wrong :D

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