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Quarts of paint

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I have a guitar, that i am going to spray.. I have the equipment at my disposal, i just dont know where to get the paint, and I want to get it in a metallic.... I want a red metallic to paint it and the headstock.... Just wondering where i could get a quart of paint, and how much it would be... thanks -scott :DB):D:D:D

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a quart will spray a LOT of guitars. I generally buy colors in half pints, and one guitar takes about half of that, so about a quarter pint, automotive paint is expensive, so with the exception of the colors I KNOW I'll use alot like white and black, I don't buy quarts of anything.

But Scott is correct, any automotive paint store will be able to mix what you're looking for.

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I mix paint at the auto parts I work at. Depending on the kind of paint (urethane, enamel, etc.), the style of paint (metallic, micah, or pearl), and the color, prices vary significantly.

Typically, red is the most expensive, due to the cost of red pigments. Followed by oranges and yellows.

As Jeremy said a quart will spray boocoo guitars. A 1/4 to 1/2 pint is plenty. Just remember to make room in the paint budget for reducers, hardeners, and clears.

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