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Help! I Am Getting No Sound!


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Help! :D

I am building my own Tele style guitar and once I put it all together, it does not work!

When I touch the strings or pickups with my finger, I get a hum from the amp. But if I strum the strings, I get nothing. Does anyone have any trouble-shootign tips? For example:

Does it sound like a bad ground?

Is the output jack wired incorrectly?


Please help! Thanks in advance. :D


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Sounds like either a short or a ground loop in there somewhere. Post a diagram of your wiring exactly as you have it in the guitar.

Also, while I'm sure everyone is impressed with all the guitars you have, you need to change your sig to two lines or less or the mods will come down on you.

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I'd bet that you're shorting the leads of those caps together when they're stuffed in the cavity. Strip some wire and cover the leads with insulation before you button the cavity back up.

Also, the grounding on the back of that pot is horrendous. Clean the back of the pot with an eraser and rubbing alcohol, apply some flux from RadioShack, then try soldering the leads onto the pot. If you heated the pot up too much when you originally soldered those ground connections, that could also be a source of the problem.

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