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Flangers... Help!


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http://www.geofex.com/ has alot on effects


there's a flanger for you but it uses that bucket brigade chip that can be expensive $15cnd but if u look around some sites have them cheaper I got some from some place in quebec for $5cnd but i don't remember where it was or what it's called

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Flangers are not easy builds. Do you have previous effects building experience? I would be a little wary of building a flanger, and I have built quite a few things now. It will also cost you nearly as much to build your own as it would to just buy one from Boss or similar outfit.

If that doesn't scare you off, then you could try this one (Ibanez):



Or this one (BOSS):


Good luck!

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Paul's nailed the problem with DIY flangers - unless you're really good (and I'm not!), you're going to spend nearly as much to build a bare-bones flanger that works well enough to use as you would buying a decent pedal, and it'll still have to be debugged, tweaked, packaged and maintained. Unless you need a feature that's not available in any current production model, there's not much reason to attempt it. That said, if the urge is irresistible, go for it! :D

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:D I'm sorry, Paul, I obviously didn't make my point very clear - I thought I was agreeing with you, or at least that was my intent! :D My bad - for the record, I wouldn't build anythiing BBD-based myself!

I think that a lot of over-enthusiatic homebrewers try to do something counterproductive and overly complicated right out of the gate, and never get past it, abandoning the hobby completely, and I absolutely agree that they should be cautioned that they're probably biting off more than they can chew! Preach on, Brother, I hear ya! B)

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Thanks guys!

I would normally buy a pedal rather then build one, coz i understand why these are so difficult to build. I've been playing around with fuzz, distortion and overdrive pedals since i was about 7 (im 19 now! well,,,, tomorrow...) and rigging them through electro-acoustics... :D

The idea was to build one myself to put into an onboard effects centre on a guitar that im overhauling, and i was going to buy a cheap Danelectro flanger and put it on, but i just thought I'd test the water and see what you guys thought....

Back to plan A for the moment then!

Thanks all the same!

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Oh, I got your drift lovecraft. I know you were agreeing with me, I was just trying to explain where I was coming from. I wouldn't normally discourage someone from building something, but there are some exceptions. :D

I think it's wise to get something like a Danelectro flanger for a test bed - it'll save a lot of time and frustration (and probably money, too). :D

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