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What Is A Bajo Sexto?

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I guess I don't want a straight answer, because I know it's a South American guitar used in mariachi bands, and it's tuned lower than a standard guitar. My question is, having never seen one in person, how big is it? Could it be used with regular 12 string tuning, as a unique looking 12 string acoustic?

It's strange, they're all over eBay, but a search here turned up not a single mention of it. I appreciate any information you might have.

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Ok, so it sounds like there would be some differences, and it's pretty clear why there are specific bajo sexto strings. I still think it could be used as a 12 string, you know, Ee Aa Dd Gg bb ee...that sort of thing. It would definitely be strong enough to handle the string tension, I would think. Maybe the nut would be cut strangely. Still curious what the scale length is, though.

I'm considering this because I want a 12 string, but I don't want to pay a ton of money, and nearly all cheap 12's are the basic dreadnaught shape, which I find boring. Just a thought...

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be a little careful of the one's you see on ebay. i've had two of them in my shop recently. one was busted up pretty bad in shipping and i couldn't help with it. the other had a bridge coming off which was an easy fix. the point is that both of these were cheaply made of very thin laminated wood..sides and top. and i don't think either of them had a truss rod. tuning one of them up to regular 12 string tuning might put too much tension on the top and cause the bridge to break loose or at the very least bow the neck..

i'm not saying they're all like the one's i saw but ask lots of questions before you buy.

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