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shrinking clear coats

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so i've heard about this shrinkage (lol), how do you guys get around that (another LOL), but seriously, i talked to a guy around here and he does, polyurethane laquer, a clear polyester coat or 2, and then another coat or 2 of polyurethane laquer, and he says (with 20 or so years of experience) the polyester middle coat acts as a brick wall, it anchors both layers of polyurethane on either side of it to reduce the shrinking and avoid cracks and what not down the road....

anyone else do something like this? has any one actually ended up with cracks or stretch marks of some kind a couple months/years after finishing the guitar?

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First of all, I don't have a clue what Poly Urethane Laquer is, either it's poly urethane or it's laquer.

Secondly. I don't like the thought of mixing all those paints, any laquer shrinks alot. And I don't know why you would mix two really expensive paints like Poly Urethane and Poly ester, it seems pointless to me. I use Poly Urethane for all my clear it doesn't shrink. It's great paint, however, I am also talking about the component type Poly's, not the crappy one part Minwax stuff.

I would stick with one type of paint throughout a paint finish myself.

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well that's what he told me, i guess i just assumed it was "laquer", and if by compents, you mean the stuff that requires a catalyst, that's what he uses, i think it's just a safety precaution to protect his investments. so no one else has heard of doing something like this?

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