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Abilene guitars by Samick

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Hey guys... was shopping the other day and bought another project! ( Yep too many projects too little time again!!! ). But this one has an interesting neck... the colour is really dark brown! It's a Abilene neck from a cheap strat copy and I have no idea what type of wood it is! Now I'm pretty sure its just gonna be cheap and nasty but I'm interested to find out what it is!

Cheers for any help guys!


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Yea, many cheaper guitarparts made of this Nato wood. But I've never seen pictures of it as it was unfinished yet. Also I don't know is it something that sounds not too good or why don't hi-quality manufacturers use it? I'm just curious. :o

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Nato is often refered to as mahogany and is simalar in looks and sound..I have a takamine with nato back,sides,&neck.It sounds excellant.Very good resonance.

Other Common Names: Nato, Nato rojo (Colombia), Mora de Guyana (Venezuela), Marobukea, Mora (Guyana), Mora Moraboekea (Surinam), Pracuuba (Brazil).

The Wood General Characteristics: Heartwood yellowish red brown, reddish brown or dark red with paler streaks; sapwood 2 to 6 in. wide, distinct, yellowish to pale brown. Texture moderately fine to rather coarse, rather harsh to the feel; luster medium to high; grain is straight to commonly interlocked, very variable; astringent taste and slightly sour odor.


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