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converting US preamp to take Aus power?

the third eye

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i just got a mesa boogie quad preamp from the states and always had the intention of simply getting the power proffesionally converted

(Australian power is 240v)

however after talking to my uncle on the phone i think i'll try and do it myself,

....so what exactly has to be done???

obviously the power cord has to be changed, shouldn't be a problem, i'll just replace the plug at the end

the other thing is the transformer........i don't even know where to start, if i have to replace it, or modify it, or what :D

anyone familiar with the quad?

it says just under the fuse:

117 volt 1 1/4 A

230 volt 1/2 A

does this (hopefully) mean it can take Aus power anyway??

Thanks!! B)

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If it's built to stand 230v you can probably run it on 240v, but I'm not at all sure if the text under the fuse means that it's built to take 230v.

If you're going to do anything to the transformer, I'd say it's replacinging it. Modifying it would be a hell of a lot of work. Unwinding/winding *lots* of wire and not being sure if it really is correct.

I'd take it to a tech, but I have nearly no experience of this type of electronics.

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It looks like the primary of your transformer has a 230 volt and a 110 volt tapping. There will probably be a switch somewhere near the transformer to switch between having a 230 volt input or the 110 volt input. On no account put 230v into it when it is set to 110 v this will give double the output voltage on the electronics side of the transformer and you will most likely see smoke.

There is a standard joke in our industry saying that electronics runs on smoke internally, because when it comes out it stops working.

The user manual should have the instructions to switch it. Let me know what model it is and I'll see if the manual is published on the web. Perhaps I can tell you what to look for from the manual. It's easy when you know what you are looking for.

Usually these switches need to be changed with a screwdriver or a small plug removed and put into another position so that you can't accidently change it while on.


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NO! replacing the fuse will DEFINITLEY not work. You will be gauranteed of smoke!

Transformers work like this: The value of the input to the output is a ratio determined by the turns on the primary (the 240/110) side and the secondary (the side the electronics is attached to) for solid state ie not tubes or valves this is usually around 30 volts. So in AUS or here in South Africa we require a transformer with a ratio of 240: 30 or 8 to 1 the voltage steps down by a factor of 8. In the US with 110v you need 110:30 ie approx 4:1 ratio so the voltage steps down by a factor of 4. So putting 240v into the 110v winding will give you 60v out which is double what your preamp is expecting and will probably let the smoke out.

I suggest you get hold of Rod Elliot at ESP on this URL:Elliot Sound Products He is based in your part of the world (Thornleigh NSW ) and should be able to help you.


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