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Bringing The Dremel Back Out...


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After some dispute of where it went, and coming to terms with the fact it was lost. i recently found my dremel tool. flex shaft and all. Cant find any of the bits though :D But my question was this. What should be done prior to using the tool, in order to ensure it works well. Its been a few years since its been used. should it be oiled? have the brushes changed? and what kits should I buy, or should i just buy bit by bit? Im going to use it for alot of stuff. should it be dremel brand? or are there better companies now? sorry for the data overload... haha :D

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I've found some cool bit kits at the local department store (Home Depot and Lowe's).

It has several different kinds of bits in a decent case.

Foredom is another company that makes a tool and bits similar to Dremel.

I believe that the bearings on the Dremel are sealed so if they are seized then you'll need a new bearing that can be bought off the Dremel website.

I've heard from some people that the front bearings on Dremels can cause the bit to wobble some but if you use heat shrink tubing around the bearing it will keep the bit from spinning out of balance.

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True Value Hardware stores carry WAY too many Dremel bits. The little stores around here have enough of a selection that I could easily blow $100.00 on a lark. I can't imagine what a True Value in a big city would have! I found my old (1960) Dremel and my fathers new (1990) Dremels when my dad passed away. Forgot how cool and precise a hand tool can be. No flex-shafts, however.

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