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Where To Place The Knobs And Switches?

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Well, here I am, still planing my tohanded tapping guitar. I've now decided on the design and set up, witch will be a reverse Rickenbacker bass design. The drawing is just to give you an idea of what it would look like, and was drawn in 3 minnutes.


Now I'm realy wondering where to put the knobs and switces. I have figured I want seperate volume and tone controls for each pickup, so I have desided to go for the stacked knobs with wolume and tone in one knob. I also want a GIbson-style 3-way switch for the lower part of the guitar and a switch wich givs me the oppertunity to shut of all signals from the upper guitar without touchin the volume. In addition to this I need a switch wich lets me choose if I will seperate the two signals to two diffrent outputs, or blend both signals to one input. This means there will be three knobs, a 3-way switch and two on/off switches. I'm now wondering where to put it all without anything being in the way of the rest, and eas hoping you guys could help me figure it out.

I'm also thankfull for inpus on design and specs.

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