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Second Chance For Classical

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Last night my misses came home from work with 2 classical guitars as they are cleaning out the musical stores where she works. This should also mean that I start getting wood from former pianos and loads of bits and pieces from various types of instruments. The place sounds like a proper treasure trove.

Anyway, she bought home these 2 classical guitars. One of them has a broken headstock which is most definately not able to be gluded back on. The body is also in pretty bad shape, but it seems to have all it's bits and pieces there.

The other one is in better condition. The body has most definately seen better days, but I'm sure that with some hard work, I can make something nice out of it. The neck comes off, but is in quite good condition. It also has MOP inlays as the side dot markers. There's a makers tag inside, but I can't reaad it at the minute as it has fifty odd years of crap on top of it. It does begin with a T though.

Providing that my research comes back showing this guitar is not worth restoring proper (I doubt it with the top being plywood, but you've still got to check) I want to do something funky with it. I was thinking of doing a material finish, but do you think that this will kill the sound too much? I really want to do something different with this acoustic, any ides?

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I was having another fiddle with it last night. Unfortunately the tuners off the knackered guitar are too big for the one that works. But atleast it's too big and not too small, I think I can make them fit (if I can remember where I put my hammer :D )

The top needs to be covered, or needs to be filled, leveled and a solid colour put over. What I'm looking at at the minute is a quilted maple vaneer over the top and a solid colour for the back and sides.

Do you think that I cold put the vaneer on the top with the guitar as it is? I'm a bit worried about breaking the top as it seems fragile.

Well - I've wiped the crap off the label and I've got a Tetra Classic. I've searched around found them for sale for between £12 and £40. Judging by the state of mine I think it's worth about £5 so let the experimenting begin :D

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