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Sanding Sealer Question

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Today was the second consecutive day that I sprayed two wet coats of ReRanch sanding sealer on my project guitar. So that's four wet coats. I think I may have used about 1/2 the can.

The mahogany, that I grain filled, looks like it is sealed well. The maple top still shows some grain. I didn't fill the maple. Note that I haven't sanded the sealer yet.

Should I still be seeing grain in the maple at this point? Will it start to fill up when I sand the sealer and re-apply some more sanding sealer?



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if you want you can do a light 400 grit pass, but I didn't on mine until it was smooth, but this could create more orange peel than necesary. If you do sand, go very lightly, this thing even thought it looks thick is very easy to sand thru, and if you go thru and scratch the stain it could spell disaster. At least if it is a one off color.

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