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Correct Drill Bit To Install Studs

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Fellow guitar lovers!

I just order this bridge to install in a Strat copy body that originally had a six screws regular tremolo bridge. I need to know the proper drill bit I will need and the best way to do it with a hand held drill. I don't think I can get my hands in a press drill to do it (and even if I could, I wouldn't know how to use it).

I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance to all

Robert Justiniano

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Those studs sometimes have a small area around the bottom without grooves. Measure the diameter and get a bit the same size. If there is no flat area, then measure the large diameter and get a bit that is a few thousandths smaller. However, don't make the hole smaller than the depth of the grooves or you will have problems pressing them in.

As for drilling with a hand drill, well I would advise against it. If you have to though, don't let the holes tilt towards the nut or the studs might pop out.


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