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Pickup Winding Books?

Thoughtless 7

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The only two books I know are Jason Lollar's build your own pickup winder book (or something like that) and Erno Zwaan's Animal Magnetism for Musicians.

Lollar's book is just a big Dummy/Idiot/Dumb Ass guide to build yourself a pickup winder with *some* theory. It's really not that great.

Erno Zwaan's book uses engineer's jargon, is really annoying to read and the pickups are practically all homemade with spare parts. Don't expect to learn to make a strat or humbucker pickup there.

I made the mistake to buy both books so learn from my experience and save your money!

Google around for pickup building pages. SK's website and Fishbake's site are the best. The page on my site isn't a bad start too :D that's all the info you'll ever need to build pickups. For further *advanced* information than that hang out on the pickup maker's forum.

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yeah a pickup isn't that complicated a piece of gear.. it's just shrouded in mystery mojo like a lot of guitar things are..

Like guitars, getting started can be expensive depending on what kind of a source you find for wire, magnets, etc.. but once you get going you can save TONS of money winding your own.

Check out www.guitarjonesusa.com for a load of pup supplies.. You'll have to email them. They have tons of stuff, even pre formed bobbin/mag/eyelet assys you can just load up and wind.. but for some reason they don't put it on their home page. IMO it's a good way to get parts to get started and is cheaper than stew macs bobbin kits, and probably more vintage accurate too. Plus their mags are pre charged. Stews are dead and you have to buy a set of rare earth mags to charge your rods..

You can get wire in small qtys from http://www.schattendesign.com. Beyond that most mag wire places have a 2 lb minum.. Honestly most have a 5.. 5 lbs of wire is a LOT of wire. 1/2 lb should do 6-7 single coils, or 2 - 3 HBs depending on how you use it.

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Oh...you have to email them!!!

Martin Koch's book "Building Electric Guitars" has got a good chapter on building pickups.

By far the hardest part of winding pickups is making bobbins and getting the supplies...especially the wire.

I've got those too books too. Look, they give you ideas. I think Animal Magnetism is an interesting springboard for new ideas but it's really focused on making bass pickups. Lollar's is more about his winding machine. You can get by with a drill and other winding "machines". Again, I made a winding machine, but in the end, although I used a sewing machine motor...I made quite a different design.

If you want to get into winding machines you should check out this site:


anyway...hope this is of use


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