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  1. I'm not a very good guitarist, but that doesn't bother me messing with amps and effects! Just do some metallica-esque palm muting or something!
  2. You got any soundclips of the amp with the second tube in?
  3. I'm looking for something similar to the GP100, but not sure where to start. Anyone got any recommendations for things to check out?
  4. I built myself a Gilmour 1/2watt amp a couple of years ago and its awesome. For such a low powered amp its really loud. I was actually looking at building myself a Deluxe, but funds are a bit tight at the moment =(
  5. Thats awesome! But, what does it sound like?!
  6. That is awesome. Whats the POD X3 like over the PODxt?
  7. I think Ted Webber also does one as well.
  8. You should check out the THD Hotplates.
  9. I just watched this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mbx03mP5eg, and found it very good.
  10. Please share with us any tricks and tips as its always good to know different ways to do things! =D
  11. I have that book and its a great read. It took me ages to get a decent kick. When i was using two mics it would sound really good, but when i started using 6 and mic'ing up the bass drum seperately it sounded flat and dull. I usually add a little compression to my kicks to give them a little bit more life.
  12. I used to use 2 mics for drums, but now i use 6 and i prefer that sound. You can get some good recordings only using 2 mics, but i like to EQ all the kit separately. I also prefer to record at 96KHz. I used to record at 44KHz but for some reason it would always sound muddy. I think i've finally got a set-up worked out that suits my needs =D
  13. I compared the KRKs to some M1 Active 520s, and the KRKs sounded really bright and distinct, i really loved them. The Active 520s weren't as bright, but sounded just as distinct, plus they were £100 cheaper. I'll keep an eye out on the bay for the KRKs, but for now, the Active 520s are great!!
  14. Anyone have any suggestions for Monitors?
  15. I know this is bumping an extremely old thread, but that Speaker-in-a-box-with-mic is a fnatastic idea.
  16. I've just recently bought myself a few new mics and preamp. 3 new Shure SM57s and a Shure Beta58A for vocals, which now run into a Focusrite Octopre LE into my 1010. I use Tracktion 3 now as well. Haven't had a chance to test these out to their fullest yet, but i'm sure as hell looking forward to it.
  17. Good to see you getting yourself onboard Drak!! On a related note, i've just bought myself 3 Shure SM57s to record with...as well as a cheap 60s microphone copy. It'll sound crap, but i'm a sucker for chrome!
  18. Yes, it is possible. Make sure that your new speaker cabs are wired correctly for the correct ohms rating for the AMP and the speakers are of the correct ohms rating to acheive that. Here are some sites with basic knowledge of speaker wiring. Link Link MK Those links are pure gold. Cheers for that MiKro!
  19. Thanks guys. I'm going to wait until after christmas and take the dive into getting it. I'm hoping they might have SX3 in a january sale...hopefully.
  20. I'm posting this in here because i think its the most related thread still going...sort of. I'm using Tracktion 2 at the moment, but i'm tempted to move over to Cubase SX3, but for £150+ its big step to go. I'm wondering if anyone here uses it and how to use and get used to is it? I'll be using my old Delta1010 with it, so any problems i should be aware of? Cheers.
  21. ToneMokney, Do you still have that pickup book? Also, where do you buy your magnets from?
  22. I've been wanting to make an OD pedal for about a week now. Thanks for the link. WHATS BETTER IS IT ALSO HAS THE VERO BOARD LAYOUT!! w00t!
  23. I love Malmsteen's guitar, it just looks...sweet. But the LP gets my vote, i love the inlays and colour. It was a hard choice though cos all of the guitars this month kicked arse, well done guys!
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