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Gotoh/Wilkinson trem

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I'm thinking of getting one of these installed on my guitar project. I can't seem to find some info on the web besides pictures on stew-mac.com. I've heard that this kind of trem can be set up to raise pitch as well to detune strings without trouble of the Floyd Rose type of trem unit.

Any info would be great!


mullmuzzler | OSSMT

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I do not do the VH 'dive bomb' kind of thing, so I really do not need a locking set up. I have two of the Wilkensen bridges, one on my 2002 Am Series Strat, and one on a brand new Warmoth that I am almost done with ( sprayed the clearcoat oner the "BRETTOCASTER" headstock decal tonight). Anyway, I love these bridges. You can set them blocked (detune only), or floating. Together with a nicely cut graphite nut, and locking machine heads, I can stay about 95% in tune when getting agressive with it. For more subtle things, it stays in tune very well, without the "warbleing/flutter" thing that happens with Floyds when you pick aggressively. :D

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If you expect functioning like Floyd Rose forget about it. It is for more gently playing and not for dive bombs etc. I had it on several guitars (Brian Moore mc1, yamaha ty tabor,...). Its similar to PRS system. I personaly love it. With locking tuners is perfect cobination :D . It also fits on american standard stratocaster without mods B)

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