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Custom Shops Fixed Bridge

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In need of some help,

I am looking into changing my tremelo on my Ibanez to the Drop Top Convertible Bridge by Custom Shop Parts. I have already contacted Todd from their store and he said there was no specs out there for this bridge. He said they were a direct replacement for the "vintage" style tremelos the 6 point fulcrum I believe with the six screws across the top of the bridge. I was wondering if anyone out there has this bridge and could tell me some of the specs? I will be buying some new humbuckers soon and if this bridge is going to change my spacing at all I will need to buy according to what the bridge changes. Currently I will have to buy Trembuckers, but I would much rather have the regular Humbuckers, I'm sure the Trembuckers are fine it's just a personal preference. If anyone has an opinion on the Trembuckers vs. Humbuckers I would be curious to hear it. I know the difference is the spacing, but I'm sure there are some other differences. Thanks for your help. Jason

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This is the first time I've seen it, but it looks to me like you have to drill 4 new holes. The 2 holes at the pickguard end look like they are spaced farther apart than the original outer screw holes.

Personally, I wouldn't do it. I think a better option (if you hate your trem) would be the Hipshot Trilogy. It's supposed to be a bolt-in thing, but worst case you'd have to buy or make a filler piece for the trem cavity.

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Thanks Mark,

The bridge you are talking about looks great and would be a better replacement and I wouldn't have to drill unwanted holes, but this guitar is more like a guitar that I can experiment with, this is more of a low end ibanez and I'd rather do more of a economic replacement. I do really like the Trilogy though and will be a great consideration for my better guitars. Thank you for the info.

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