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  1. I believe Russ did a double neck where he did one with the fret numbers inlayed and the other neck with the notes inlayed. This would be a quick way to learn the notes really, lol. It was pretty interesting, the colors and such were not my taste but it was customer requested. Anyhow, I actually just mentioned doing this to one of my friends as I've liked the idea since I saw it. Ooh now I remember it was my buddy Dave who I spoke with it about as he is doing some roman numerals of 12 for the 12th fret inlay which looked really cool and I thought doing all the inlays as roman numerals would b
  2. Haha too funny, a few years ago here at PG I photoshopped a picture of a keyboard onto the neck of the guitar and thought it was a funny but cool idea. I can't recall what the subject was about now, but its funny to think back on the idea now. I've also had dreams of ideas that both worked out and some that never did, I always find getting the idea down on paper the toughest because I start forgetting the dream so quickly I end up not getting all of the details. Haven't had any cool dreams like this in a while though, most of my dream lately have been about me partying and smoking, I guess stu
  3. Ottovola- Neat flame job on that guitar and really like the effort in getting the pickups involved as well. Really a great job on the refinish, keep those project rolling. Andyt-This is one of two I struggled with for my final vote. It is truly inspiration and has had a tremendous response from so many. Just looking at the thread kicked off hundreds of ideas in my head right away, I think it was the clear and black swirl that I find the most interesting. No doubt the foil as a base is awesome, but just the idea to use that foil base and use a clear and black swirl just blew me away, such a
  4. +1 on that bump. My friend and I just our Ziricote fretboards done and they look absolutely amazing and I can't wait to get them on an instrument. One bass board will be a replacement for a friends Peavey that I'm fixing and the other guitar scale will be for my next build. Very nice stuff, will post some pics at some point. Really excellent work, will be sending off for another board more than likely soon as I'm planning my friends wife's guitar, body is already on the way, so gotta get a fretboard going soon here. Anyhow, Erik does great work, far and away my first choice. Jason
  5. I'd love some!!! I'll shoot you a pm. I've been hounding my Dentist for a while and he keeps forgetting to save them for me. Got some inlay work coming on too, would be a great help! Jason
  6. Wow, another serious month! I think this is close to the most, I think one month not too long ago there was 13, but there might have been several from one builder that month. All of the rigs just looked great this month, each of inspiring in their own ways. Pete's Blue Tele was a great project. A local friend of mine and PG member were discussing GOTM and Petes build early this month and its tough judging so many great projects. I've always had my own way of determining votes that take into consideration many different factors, but even with this it is still difficult. Pete's Tele is an ama
  7. I ended up voting for the Kelvinator, I forgot to comment though when I did. I've voted for other orgmorg guitars in the past as I find them neat and timeless, although that is almost the exact opposite of the idea behind them in using aged products. I just find it great to take something else altogether and turn it into not only a playable guitar, but one that looks well constructed. There is a very thin line between leaving too much of that raw look and polishing it too much as an instrument and I felt that this one in particular found the perfect median. Honestly, I bet I would end up playi
  8. As Wez said, in the video that bushing came out super easy, which is why he probably didn't have to bother worrying about slipping, he was barely using any force. I think as said, he had just removed it, pushed it back in for a demo of the idea. Either way its a pretty cool idea. J
  9. Agreed, truly an amazing month this one. Each and every build looks solid and well done. I ended up going with Pukkos build because I really liked it the minute I saw the initial thread when it had only just begun. Even long before it had a finish or any of the really cool features I liked it, then when all those little details were added, it just went above and beyond in my eyes, truly a gorgeous instrument with a well developed yet unique style to it. All the entries were extremely appealing though and I doubt I could even pick a top three, I think they all are right there together, just epi
  10. Hmm, I would say just steam the dent, you'd likely be able to get it back to flat or real close, but with some truoil coats already building I don't believe it would work. Maybe if you stripped it back, steamed it out and then started again. Not sure really though, it sucks that it happened after you already started with the tru oil other wise with a soldering iron and a wet paper towel you could have likely steamed most of it or all of it out. Oh well. As for the truss adjustment there, I never saw it as a mistake or anything, just a unique idea. For the next one maybe use that extra fretboar
  11. I went with Phil's Bass as well, just an amazing instrument. To design and create nearly every piece of that instrument is amazing, also the fact that it doesn't even look remotely bulky or out of proportion is a serious achievement in my eyes. I can see how a knowledgeable/skilled player could have a blast with that thing, probably opens up the doors for all kinds of new and different techniques that aren't possible with less strings. Very cool build, excellent craftsmanship, and it just looks amazing, nice work Phil. Aside from Phil's entry, I found all the entries to be excellent bui
  12. I think in order to get an accurate quote, you must type in the dimensions of the board. After doing that I was able to get the proper prices for the different woods. Pretty cool little setup on the spreadsheet, very helpful for those who want specific boards. Best of luck Erik! J
  13. The way it was done was how everyone described it. There are easier ways, however at the time I didn't have resaw equipment, so I basically needed to route down the thickness on the body as killemall said about 3/8" I think and just left a raised section that I cut with a japanese handsaw, they are flexible which enables you to get a fairly flat cut against the body. I would suggest leaving an area as big as you can cut, so you can properly align the grain. I'll post a couple pics of the process, I didn't really have much equipment at the time, so I kinda just made due, worked out though.
  14. Yeah, I actually considered that it might, hopefully it didn't though, as it was only in jest and to show how much I thought of Erics rig, regardless I'm going to fix it to avoid any issues, good call Wez. No doubt Blackdogs guitar is on an equal playing field. Being that I frequent this place so much and know and follow so many of the great builders here, I try to always include one's experience in my vote, meaning how many instruments, what quality have they been, are they taking risks and so on, just because there is a big difference in someone making their 10th and someone making their f
  15. Just couldn't wait to comment on next months GOTM and especially Erics 8 string. Serisouly, a killer rig with all the extras plus some. I guess I was gone during the time when this contest was made up, but I wish that everyone would have finished because considering what Eric put into his guitar, I can see he knew he was up against some stiff competition. I really enjoyed the documentation of that build, it made me appreciate really how much went into it and what was overcome. It seems there are always or almost always going to be things one must overcome when pushing their skills and I th
  16. Rich, Did you ever try the bandsaw rasp idea out?? Sounds like a good idea for worn out or old blades. Also, do you remember where you saw it, I was just curious on how it was done. I had never heard of seen of this, but it just sounds like a cool idea. PLus it never hurts to have another rasp. As for shaping the heel, I went with a flat scraper and half round rasp as well. I took off much of the bulk of the entire neck with a spokeshave and fine tuned the ends with the scraper and rasp, which worked wonders. I really enjoyed using the spokeshave the most, it worked wonderfully and m
  17. Yeah, as per usual I was completely torn this month, all great builds and all were quite unique from each other. I really could have picked anyone of them and felt good about it as they all are worthy of GOTM. From the dau it was posted, I loved SwedishLuthiers guitar and its a style that is completely opposite of what I like, but it was just put together so well that it appealed, a lot. I loved the inlays and funny enough I had actually planned the exact same concept on a future project. Mine was more of a Poker style rather than Vegas, but it had most of the same inlays, so like I said t
  18. Thats basically how it works everywhere. Not many places sell little offcuts as it would be pointless for them to do so as not many people have use for such a small piece of wood and if they do have small pieces you'll possibly pay more as they'll charge a set price over a board foot price. I have an exotics place that sells offcuts that could be used as fretboards and I have another place that will chop a plank for you, if there is at least 5 feet left on the plank afterwards, which is unusual for a place to do. Just how it is at many and maybe most lumber yards, just so you know, which is
  19. Hmm, the photos seemed plenty bright and crisp to me. Regardless of what flavor wood was used, if you can put that nice of carve, stain and finish on a guitar, you get bonus points. There are some excellent builds this month and many unique and creatives ones as well, but I think that even goes to show how impressive the execution was on the LP, how many LPs have you seen in your life? How many with maple tops? The fact that the execution on that guitar was so well done that it stands apart from the millions of other LPs out there is enough to get it votes. By all means, I feel people s
  20. Yeah, sorry to say I had to do it also, obviously considering he has all the votes so far. I dunno, for some reason I had the urge to buy some board shorts, as that top just made me want to jump in and go swimming. Just amazing how the look of that guitar is so attractive. It's hard to take your eyes of that top, but once you do you find even more, like Daniel I'm a Limba Lover, especially black limba and that body is just primo blimba. I gotta say though, it was another crazy month. I can't tell if PG has a bunch more talented builders or if everyone finished around the same time. Th
  21. I'm with Greg when he mentioned my vote changing depending on the day, there were so many excellent choices that were so amazing I couldn't really decide. Mike- As I mentioned before this is probably one of my favorite all time shapes out there, just amazing. From the moment I saw the shape I was sold. The wood choices were amazing as well, its not always easy to find unique pieces that work well on a build, but each choice was just great. If I were to pick one to take home with me that would be it no doubt about it. Russ- As I thought from the first progress thread you ever made, y
  22. Whats up with the old time threads Drak, just felt like reminiscing or what? I couldn't figure out whether you finally wanted to learn how to build a guitar or were doing searches with bad words.
  23. I'm with Rick on this one, ALWAYS wear a mask, it ain't worth finding out in 15 years that you were wrong, ya know and the difference now between your life and death was a thin filter/mask. This is one of those problems that doesn't occur in any type of time frame. As stated there are a ton of things that can cause cancer, might as well not add to that list, Just how I see it. Wood is one thing too, when you start talking about finishes and nitro without a mask, I don't even really know what to say. The reactions speak often for themselves acrylic gets you high and upset your stom
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