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Sg Type Neck Joint

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Hey man This thread Should help You a bit http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=13666


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Nice pic, Rob !!

Looks like the neck heel is a bit longer than the originals...probably more stable, though.

I had an original in the late 70's but I stuffed it. I was hammering in a new stud for a tailpiece and split the body (hadn't drilled the hole big enough..heh)

It ended up with 13 coats of black...smoothed off neck heel...jumbo frets...Grovers...and Alembic Hot-Rod magnets in the pickups

Years later I got a '61 SG/Les paul Custom...'cos I prefer the slightly wider fingerboard.

They also have a more elegant neck joint...but not that stable

Good luck with the project...should be fun..

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Thanks Matt that's pretty helpful :D I'm sure I'm using this search thing wrong somehow!!

B) I hate it when things go wrong like that :D it happens to much when I'm making things....makes you feel like you don't want to carry on! B) by the sounds of it you ended up with a monster anyway though

:D oh and the pick is off of the Gibson site!!

This is going to be for my 12 string (I was thinking about another 'Paul but threee would be one to many!).

I have all sorts of crazy ideas so I'll try and scetch some and see if I can get some opnions

Thanks again

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It's weird, but I've never seen anyone do a 12-string Les Paul (or SG for that matter)

I'm sure someone here has seen it...seems like a worthwhile project

I was thinking a 12-string SG might be a bit neck-heavy...

might not be so bad with lightweight tuners...

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:D I'm not bumping honestly

ok I've came up with a diagram for what I've got in mind, the pink/purple/red is all one piece (the body) and the blue is the neck. I'd like to do something like this as I think it'll be easier for me (I don't have the skills to make a neck and I've not seen anything like a 'thru neck blank' in the UK and if such a thing existed I'd not be able to aford it anyway!


is that going to be to weak or not?

I was thinking that that join could be out about 6-8" into the neck


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i don't see how that will work? the truss rod exists in the space you're talking about recessing a reverse tenon. Honestly it would be far less trouble to go the other way around and extend the tenon on the neck like it's supposed to be.

Why not try to make a neck? the wood isn't that expensive and there are a lot of things that can be done on the cheap. Most people agree that The neck is the most intimidating thing to build but once you've built one it's not THAT big a deal. You just have to be careful and precise.

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(I don't have the skills to make a neck

I'm not sure I understand. Aren't you asking about making a neck?? If so, your idea would be much harder to execute than a typical SG neck joint. If you're not that experienced with wood, you should avoid intricate joinery that will be visible once the guitar is completed. If it were executed properly, it might look pretty neat, but it's certainly way easier to do it the standard way.

With regards to expense, wood for a neck is pretty cheap. Where I live I can get enough wood for a Maple or Mahogany neck blank for between $5-$7 Canadian (which is around £2-£3). Granted, it may be a little more expensive than that where you live, but even if you just go for it and mess it up, you really won't be out much money and you'll have gained a lot of expereice from your mistakes.

Just remember, guitars are built the way they are for a reason; namely that the methods used are the most simple that still achieve the desired result. There's nothing wrong with experimentation, but if you're not that confident in your own skills, you should try and follow the tried and true methods first.

Good luck,


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Hey Robert, here's the idea I'm going to try, since I have a spare neck here:

I'm going to notch the neck and make a pocket to match that (maybe that's what a tenon joint is? dunno...).

My idea will be to narrow the butt end of the neck (up to the just under the fretboard so that the corresponding pocket in the body will be narrower also. That way the outer 'walls' of the pocket won't be any wider than on an ordinary neck/joint.

The idea is that there'll be plenty of meat around the neck to keep it stable, and the glue will do the rest... and then I can shave the back of the joint down to what a normal set neck looks like...

I don't think it's necessary to go as far up the neck as you have it--I'll just be working with the existing heel. That way there's no messing around with the truss rod.

Of course it may not work...

But when I look at some neck joint constructions--especially the Danoelectro Guitarlin--I won't about how much of an issue this all is.

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That's what an LP neck looks like underneath. You basically remove about half an inch of wood or so on either side of the heel where it goes into the body. This tongue corresponds to a recepticle in the heel part of the body. I woudl assume an SG is similar construction although i've never seen the plans for one. Making a tongue in the neck like this gives you 8 faces of wood to be glued rather than just the 4 with a standard heel shape, and that should give you a stronger glue joint.

That's what i was saying about your idea is that if you say you aren't that good at woodworking, then you're asking for trouble. What you are drawing up there would be extremely difficult to pull off right.

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I think I'm getting what you're saying Idch

I might go for the thru-neck option....just seems like if I'm going to go to the trouble of making a neck at all I might as well go for the best option (for sustain anyway).

I think I'm gonna get my friend to help me with some wood working! he has all the tools ect. so that'll save some money! plus he makes all sorts of furnature ect. all the time so he's got the experance that might just make this a lot easier!

thanks a lot everyone!

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Robert: The thing that keeps me from making my own neck is just knowing that I'm not precise enough...it's possible to fudge things to a certain extent on the body, and still have a playable guitar. But screw up the neck, and you've screwed up the guitar. I mean, I can just picture myself trying to get those frets straight :D

Mled: yeah, I've been looking at the joint on my Melody Maker and it's pretty clear that there's really not all that much of a difference between a bolt on and a set neck--at least on this guitar.

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