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The Best Pickups For Maple Body?


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Hi Guys, im finishing my project, and the body its in hard maple and the neck its in Mahogany, fretboard rosewood, to try to make a balance between de sound.

I know maple is hard and have lots of highs, and that its not good for the sound, and i want to use a P 90 in the neck with a lot of lows, and near not to middle i want to use a tone zone single, both pickups near to the neck, first de P90 to make vintage sounds, clear sounds and the tone zone to have a distor sound like satch vai etc. that position will be like a humbucker, but with the two pickups.

In the bridge i think Paf Pro its a good pickup for that body.

What do you think? i choose taht pickups because of the lows, can you give me some advice, or recomendation?

When i knock the body with my fist, sound like a mosquito bite, intense highs, maybe could sound like the Washburn N4, but i want to compensate that sound, not like Nunno with a Bill lawrence, bite bite highs.

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That body sounds similar to what I'm building it's maple and pecan I was thinking mahogany neck rosewood fretboard. I bought some gfs p90's I'm going to put in with 250k pots and I hope there not too bright. :D

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P90s are known for having a lot of mid-range bite, but they're pretty toppy, too, in my opinion. Not sure that the ears could survive the marriage of a P90 to a maple guitar. :D


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