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Bass neck warped...

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I was looking at a friends Bass today because It didn't play the right way.. It's a P-Bass Fender... First looked at the neck.. and saw an obvious bow in neck from the tention and I checked the nut height.. it was fine.. nicely slotted.... then checked with a capo on the first fret.. and pressing down on the last fret and tightened the truss rod clockwise little by little with the strings loose until when I let it sit for a while it had .015 " on the 8th fret mark.. using a feeler gauge... so now that was set... but I have noticed that the neck where it joins the body is warped... so it still frets out in the higher frets even though I set up the right height at the 12th fret for each string .. with the bridge allen screws... Does anyone know of a way to reverse the warp.. or will it require a new neck?

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