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Help On Length Of Wood

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It's my first time on a JEM like nack and I'd want an advice on the length of the wood. I have to order a piece of quartersaw hard rock maple. It's wide 70mm, thick 20 mm. Fretborad will be a 5mm thick piece of rosewood. How long have it to be to cut the 14 degrees angle for the scarf joint?

Thanks axemen

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Find copy of Autocad on the net........drawn out fretboard (with fret distances).......adjust for nut width......lay it on neck blank and calculate back proper proper distance.

The scarf joint placing will be dediced by your 20mm thickness of neck blank.

Bit of Pythagoras, I would say.

Here example of Ibanez necks.


Must say20mm is cutting it pretty close........Heel is almost 20mm....so hardly any play left.

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