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Bridge Raduis...

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i KNOW this has been asked a thousand times, but i got to ask it again.

My bridge is a 12" radius TOM and my neck is 15" radius...

i know everyone who asked that has been told to just file down the bridge...

problem is:

1.it's a piezo bridge and i really don't want to destroy an element cause i filed too hard...

2. i'm sure if i try to file it it'll end up breaking strings every 5 minutes.

so, what can i do?

thanks! :D

edit: ah great... make that Radius in the title :D

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please dont take this as an attack on you:

I would've planned it better so that you bought hardware to match the guitar.

now to fix it, a 15" radius is flatter than a 12", so change it to a 12", the height of the fretboard in the centre can probably stay the same.

next time, plan the guitar better, if you dont plan, you'll will probaly make mistakes like that(i just made 5 mistakes in one day, thanks to bad planning :D ).

would I be correct in saying you bought a carvin neckthru? making your own neck is easier and quicker than most people seem to think.

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