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  1. Yep, but they really DO have EVERYTHING... I bought some mahogany there for a good price... A 4' long slab 2" thick and 1' wide for 40$ CDN so it's not so bad, really!
  2. you dont need to worry anyways... it wont change the sound (on most pickups) and won't cause any problems (Petrucci does have one pickup reversed, so his middle position (both pickups tapped) is also humbucking)
  3. I kinda like the shape, but I think a pickguard and a different headstock would have been much better... And maybe add an angle to the fretboard! Anyways, the build looks very good! And the sound must be pretty cool
  4. I'd recommend some 'suspended ceiling' sheets... I put that right over the gyprock (with small rubber spacers in between) in my music room and it does a pretty nice job of soundproofing... It's not perfect, but it should run you around the price you said, I guess... EDIT: also make sure you soundproof the ceiling... A LOT of the sound escapes from there!
  5. I guess that with just lighter tuners it would work... (get pearl buttons!) Tuner make a hell of a difference as far as weight distribution goes!
  6. I don't have anything to trade but I would really recommend you to get a '59 for the neck... Best neck pickup ever And a Custom 5 for the bridge... A bit higher output than a PAF, but the mixed position between it and the '59 is just SO great!! And the sound is similar to a JB but with less 'honk' (had a JB before and I hated it...) and a bit less output.
  7. Alright, I have a question... I'm planning to send my current project to an auto shop to have it cleared... I want to use a sold color (actually, I'd really like to have a black or white with flakes...) but have only access to rattlecans (in Canada, too). What brands and where can I get poly compatible colors that look nice?
  8. heh! not long ago I got a huge deal on a Mesa/Boogie .50 caliber combo... Damn this amp rocks! lol Only for 450$ CDN (around $350) I was broke, and I'm much more now, but it was worth it!!!
  9. I'm considering putting a floating jazz pickup on my Ovation acoustic... Maybe i'd get a GFS thin jazz pickup and get electric guitar 11s... I was wondering how doable that is and how nice would an acoustic guitar sound with electric guitar strings on it. Maybe I could try those acoustic guitar strings made for mag pickups? Has anyone ever done such a thing as installing a humbucker on an acoustic guitar? Thanks
  10. yea, I think it's like the height of the bridge or something...
  11. Hell yea! That would be really nice decoration for a guitar shop
  12. Why don't you stagger the tuners a bit? Here's what I mean:
  13. Lots of Thorns have that! I think I might add that to my main axe...
  14. I wouldn't bet on that zero with all those chinese guitars these days
  15. I dunno, but there are SO many guitars out there with veneer or headplates on the headstock and nothing behind that do fine... I'm not sure I would totally believe that.
  16. Looks really nice! That could actually be of nice help to make really complicated inlays!!!
  17. Exactly... The Fly Classic is truly my dream guitar! And about the twice as fast thing, I recon that's about right!! I've always been the type of guy who says gear won't make you play better and all, but that freaking guitar made me play quite better than I tought possible without even being used to it!!! Oh and I can't vouch on how nice that piezo sounds! Someday, when I start to do paid gigs, I'll buy that guitar, for sure...
  18. Hmmm... Well of the guitars I own I gotta say it's my Hamer Standard... The SD's in there (59 and Custom 5) absolutely suit the guitar and my amp. It's so great... The sound is just perfect!! My dream guitar: A Parker Fly... Tryed one yesterday at the shop for a good 30 minutes, holy **** that's a hell of a guitar! Unbelievable tone, playability, everything... Even the piezo is just GREAT! (heck it sounded really nice even in a Mesa)
  19. The point of running the head in a load box is that you get the poweramp distortion in your signal!
  20. Someone should try that someday... Spalt maple neck. Yea... Very good idea there
  21. You do realise that most of those uber-metal V's all look the same? I mean it's not even perfectly the same...
  22. Ive seen him use an Adamas also in a DVD... But nothing about amps...
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