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Question About Maples

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Hi folks I have a question about maples. I have the opportunity of a deal here. there's a guitar makers stopping his business to make amps (his dream he says), so he's selling his wood. Dried almost 10 years!!!

He has hard rock maple, birdeyes maple, flame maple for neck, and other woods I need.

I would try the birdeyes maple but two things stop me. It's my fist project I haven't any experience with wood, a guy told me that the pattern in the birdeyes maple is a defect of the wood's fiber so it looks great but sounds bad. Is it true?

Also to preserve the pattern birdeyes and flame maple are plainsaw and not quarter, is it true?

I can buy wood for 10 necks (10 years air dried for 50 Euros). In the italian wood market it's a great deal!!!

I can always buy the "simple" maple but i would try the birdeyes, can you clear up for me those doubts?



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You know, I'd buy the lot and resell what I don't use. You could get your money back and then some in nothing flat.

I second that... you have nothing to lose by trying... Everything you do with guitars will always come in handy in the future...

Sell what you dont use.. and then go buy something you need for your project.. and have a lil money left over :D

~~ Slain Angel ~~

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Ok I thought about this option but I still have my doubts: quality of birdeyes and usually swan plain or quarter. :D That guy confused me!!!

Help me please!!!

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Just ask him for a gander at the stuff. If you like it go for it. If there's much birdseye in the wood definitely go for it.

No he diddn't mean how many birdseyes there were. He ment is birdeye maple good sounding. ( at least thats what I think he ment..)

Birdseye maple is fine sounding. You can't go wrong with names like fender and tom anderson using it :D

And yes it is flat sawn too show the figure. But this isint -that- big of a deal. You can't get birdseye maple quartersawn but you CAN get flame maple quartersawn. The guitar I'm working on is perfectly quartetsawn maple with no grain runnout and nice tight grain but it has some amazing flame figure on it.

I'm with what other people are saying, jsut buy as much as you can afford.

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