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First guitar...

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Hey, this is my first post (second but who's counting?:D).....so here it goes.....

Yea, I'm 14 years old and wanted to do something to take up my spare time, guitar building sounded like an idea, so, as you may have guessed, thats what I'll be doing.

I was looking for some suggestions about wood, electronics, etc. Keep in mind that, being my first guitar, I don't want to spend that much money on it, considering it will probably turn out like crap.



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Hi Aaron,

Don't bet on it turning out like crap. If you get good stuff, parts, to begin with, the result will be better.

My first rule: Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Get a kit or something like that. Try Warmoth or Stewmac.

You can get all the pieces from them, so that it is more or less a bolt together job.

My second rule: Keep is Simple S*&@ head (KISS). Simple does not mean ugly or non-functional. The simpler it is, the fewer things can go wrong.

I might also suggest checking out my web site, Eds World, and seeing what I have done and been through on my own guitar making adventures. In order, I built Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Walnut. Each more complex and requiring more of me.

Another suggestion is see if you can find a local friendly luthier, guitar tech/builder, who can help you. I have one and he has saved my butt several time.

Last thing: Take pix with a digital camera, if you have one. Tell your story and have more fun with it.

Good luck,

Guitar Ed

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Actually I started out by taking apart and refinishing factory guitars myself. I also learned a lot about swapping out electronics that way.

After awhile I graduated up to kits, which was direction most folks don't take and from there went on to doing both plus building from scratch.

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I'm currently building my first guitar, which at the moment is only a hand made body, which will have a factory made neck, until I have the time and money to build my own neck.

I would recommend you to get some rather cheap wood and stuff, and build both the neck and the body from scratch, so you get some practice. If you're lucky, you'll have a nice guitar made from cheap wood. If you're not that lucky, you'll have experience of the whole process, not just parts of it.

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If you've got any ideas for weird body shapes, now is a good time to try. The body I'm building is going to be back routed, and it's kind of a mix between a BC Rich Warlock, and a Jackson RR3. Kind of... It's not harder to do a back routed guitar than doing a front routed guitar, so don't let that block out your creativity/taste. Just decide on something that you think you'll like.

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